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Blue Ocean Arb SA is an innovative technology company based in Geneva Switzerland. From software engineers, data scientist and quant traders, we develop from scratch a wide suite of software products primarily for clients in the financial industry with a key focus on automated trading.

Make your trading experience automated

Technology for financial institutions

We love what we do, and we are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience.
Hedge Funds
Professional Traders
Prop – Desk
Investment Banks
Prop Trading Firms
Family Offices
What we do:

We can provide a cutting-edge technology and the right tools you need for a huge gain in productivity.

  • Trading Algorithm
  • Strategies Automatization
  • Dashboard (Live report)
  • Reporting System
  • Trading Platform
  • Backtesting (Tailor made Screener)
  • AI Analytic (Ranking System)

Blue Ocean Arb development department cover the entire product life cycles. For more info of or product and services please contact the project team at:

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Programming and Software Development